Work environment

When we talk about the working environment, there are several things that come into play. The common ones can be divided into two:

  • Physical work environment
  • Psychologically working environment

If you look at the indoor climate, noise, furnishing of the office and that you use the correct equipment. We can help a little with the physical working environment. Below you can see two of our products which can be used to improve the working environment. The first helps with personal safety, it is a handheld gas detector. It can ensure that the air you work in is safe and that you are out of danger. Thus reducing the insecurity that can be felt by working in exposed situations.

The second is to measure the climate in the office, what is the temperature and how is the quality of the air you breathe. We have experienced that there is a correlation with what it shows and when we should ventilate so that there is no “warm” air.


It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the employees can perform their work properly in terms of safety and health.

Alone work must, cf. the Norwegian Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s executive order, be planned and organized at all stages in such a way that it can be carried out fully in terms of safety and health.

With, for example, a G7c from Blackline, the loneworker/man-down function can improve the working environment of employees and colleagues. This can also help reduce stress at work.


Working environment – psychological, physical and social.

Working environment is not just the obvious impacts for which some safety framework/requirements have been set, it also applies to safety, security, health and the good indoor climate and the air we breathe.

Poor indoor climate can contribute to fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating and lack of clarity and thus have an impact on health, efficiency and sick leave.

Bad indoor climate is not something you can see with the naked eye, but there are typically several different indicators that come into play, therefore it is often too late to discover that the indoor climate has changed.
You can monitor the indoor climate in a simple and easy way