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Gas detector for pumping stations

Precise and safe gas detection effectively increases personal safety at pumping stations.

Gas detection at pumping stations is often a necessity or mandated due to the risk of developing toxic and explosive gases or lack of oxygen. There are therefore several areas of risk that you should be aware of.

Gas detectors at pumping stations can be used both hand-held and stationary. It is crucial that an alarm is given in the event of high gas concentrations and lack of oxygen, which pose a health and safety risk for you and your colleagues.

The gas detectors continuously monitor the existence of toxic and explosive gases and give an alarm when limit values are reached. Associated central units ensure automatic control of ventilation as well as flashing lights and horns for quick evacuation. You comply with all safety requirements, effectively reduce the risk of explosion and increase workplace safety for you and your colleagues with gas detection equipment from GasDetect A/S.


Specialists in gas detection

GasDetect A/S are specialists in gas detection With us you will find a large selection of gas detectors particularly suitable for pumping stations. You can see a selection of our popular products below.

We guarantee quality equipment with high durability and a long service life. That is why we carry only the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers. Increase personal safety at your workplace.

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