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Closed spaces

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Gas detector for closed spaces

A gas detector for closed spaces is a necessity to protect people against suffocation, poisoning and explosion.

Closed spaces are defined as spaces with difficult access and where there is a risk of limited oxygen supply or accumulation of toxic or explosive vapours.

This can, for example, be work in tanks, containers, wind turbine towers and foundations, etc.

In closed spaces, very few people notice a lack of oxygen or the build-up of gases and vapors before it is too late to get out. Therefore, a hand-held gas detector can save lives by giving a clear alarm in the event of both a lack of oxygen and an excessively high concentration of vapors and gases.

A hand-held gas detector is easy and simple to operate, while being small enough to carry at work.

GasDetect has a wide selection of hand-held gas detectors for personal protection when working in closed spaces, including our most popular models.

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