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Gas detector for battery charging stations

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Gas detector for battery charging station

Gas detector for battery charging station, often used if, for example, there is a charging station for electric trucks.

When charging electric trucks, explosive hydrogen vapors form from the batteries. The charging stations are typically set up indoors, and therefore there is a risk of ignition of these hydrogen gases if the concentration of hydrogen gases reaches the lower explosion limit (LEL).

To avoid this problem occurring, you can choose to install permanent ventilation, or you can choose to monitor the gas concentration and only ventilate when necessary. This can be done using a battery charging station gas detector.

If the gas concentration nevertheless exceeds the next upcoming limit value, you can choose to cut off the electricity in the area.

All this can be done with an alarm center from GasDetect and associated H2 (hydrogen) sensors.

We have listed some of the products that are particularly suitable for battery charging stations below.

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