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Rent and leasing of gas detectors and other equipment GasDetect service center

Rent and lease of a gas detector or other equipment, for a longer or shorter period?
We lease all our product types and if you would rather lease it, that is also an option

Rent or lease of a gas detector

At GasDetect you can rent or lease almost all types of equipment.

The period can be anything from a single day to a full multi-year leasing agreement.

With leasing, you pay a fixed monthly price and this includes all costs for maintenance and servicing of the equipment. Leasing is an advantage for companies that need to rent the equipment for a longer period of time and then do not expect to need it.

Renting or short-term rental of gas detection equipment can be an advantage for the company that only needs the equipment a few days a year.
It could be, for example, the well digger, who only needs the equipment a few days a year, or the refinery, which has to do a shutdown.

All equipment is delivered in cases, with docking stations and you get on-site service inventory management.

Whether you lease or rent, GasDetect owns and operates all gas detection equipment covering the entire protection needs of the company, with 100% responsibility for operation and documentation.

This means that you don’t have to worry about anything other than using the equipment.

We rent single detectors, area surveillance, docking stations, stationary systems including service, set-up and take-down.

Tell us about your task and we will make it easy for you.

Use the contact form on this page, or call us on 4242 5070 and let’s have a chat about the possibilities.

Contact us about renting or leasing Let us help you and your business