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Gas detector for server room

A gas detector for server rooms is often relevant in connection with the monitoring of CO2, which is used for fire extinguishing in the server room.

In the worst case, CO2 can cause suffocation if a person enters the server room before the CO2 concentration has fallen below a certain level, after a switch-off or testing of the system.

The CO2 bottles are often stored in the same room in which they are supposed to work, therefore a leak or poor ventilation can be the cause of the room being empty of oxygen, because the CO2 gas has displaced the oxygen.

A gas detector will detect the elevated concentration and give an alarm, after which the leak can be quickly repaired.

GasDetect has the solution for CO2 monitoring and alarming in the form of CO2 detectors for placement in the server room and alarm center for placement outside the room.

Products especially suitable for this purpose are shown below.

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