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Calibration gas

Calibration gas for gas detector calibration and testing

Calibration gas is used to test that the gas detector detects what it is supposed to and gives an alarm at the desired concentration.

The calibration of the gas detector consists in telling the gas detector at which concentration of the gas an alarm must be given.

This calibration and test can only be performed with the gas in question, where the concentration of the gas in the cylinder is known.

So if the calibration shows that the concentration of a gas is, for example, 26 ppm, but you know that the concentration in the gas bottle is 25 ppm, then you have to adjust the gas detector.

In the same way, you have to test the detector to see if it actually picks up the type of gas it is supposed to detect. This is done again with a known gas species and in a known concentration.

The gas is supplied to the detector by means of a regulator.

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