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Conditions for returning goods.

Prior to any return of goods to GasDetect, the buyer must fill in all required fields and print and attach the email received on the matter. Returns without a completed and attached return document will be rejected and the goods returned at the buyer’s expense.

Upon receipt, an initial examination of the instrument and subsequent repair is carried out, unless otherwise stated in the return case. If a price estimate is desired before repair, this must be stated. Such an assessment costs DKK 495,-.

Equipment must be cleaned before submission, otherwise this will be done at the buyer’s expense. Failure to clean will result in a claim of DKK 750. for storage, cleaning and disposal of cleaning fluids.

GasDetect does not accept equipment returned for repair or the like if the equipment is contaminated with toxic, corrosive, disease-causing or otherwise harmful media.

By creating the case, these conditions for the return are accepted.